We are all well aware that almost every shopper has a smartphone. Mobile devices have become our preference for searching and consuming on the internet. A report from comScor shows that mobile internet usage surpassed desktop surfing in 2014

Mobile promotional activity around Valentine’s Day is reaching new heights this year, with savvy retailers such as Walmart aiming for a bigger piece of the upcoming holiday’s sales by leveraging users. Walmart wasted no time in ramping up its Valentine’s Day promotions, sending out a push notification to users of its mobile app the day after the previous promotional event — the Super Bowl game — took place.

In order for brands to reach their target audience, they need to know how their audience is browsing online. For example, if millennial moms are the target audience for a brand, then that brand should understand how they are browsing the web and what ads will grab their attention.

An emerging trend for engaging shoppers is the use of iBeacons. iBeacons have been hailed as a method for delivering highly personalized messaging that will find more relevance with shoppers. The technology allows brands to push offers and notifications to shoppers while they are actually on premise. We as marketers can always strive to look for alternate applications for tech already beingused. More often than not, they can serve multiple purposes.

Written by: Immediate Consumption