What do Michael Bacon and turkey bacon have in common?

They’ve both spent their lives in the shadows of other bacons: Kevin and pork.

The two less-recognized bacons have many positive attributes of their own. Sure, Michael didn’t star in Footloose or win a Golden Globe like “the other Bacon” did, but he can play 12 instruments and is an Emmy-winning composer. As for turkey bacon, it’s 50 percent less fattening than its counterpart.

Oscar Mayer’s new ad campaign aims to gain recognition for both the lesser-known – but equally important – bacons. Using the hashtag #UnsungBacon and a hilarious promotional video, the goal is get Michael to surpass Kevin in number of Twitter followers while promoting turkey bacon’s meaty merits.


Michael, who can’t even boast a blue check next to his Twitter handle, may still have a ways to go:




Nevertheless, in addition to giving recognition to Michael and turkey bacon, advertisers should recognize all the things this campaign does right: it’s clever, it’s social media centric and, at the end of the day… it’s about bacon.


Written by: Immediate Consumption