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The C-Store category has long been a place for on-the-go pre-packaged ready-to-eat foods, bags of chips, and other items you choose out of convenience rather than freshness, healthiness, or appetite appeal. But things are changing in the way we eat, and C-Stores are listening.

For example, Wawa’s new line of larger stores in Florida is putting fast-casual, fresh offerings front and center — literally. Wawa is attracting new customers all across the sunshine state with an open-air kitchen concept that is a central focal point within the new footprint.

Not only has this effort changed shopper mindsets, it’s connected with the younger, millennial target that tends to eat on the go throughout the day rather than at traditional meal times. Ultimately, bringing the kitchen from the back of the store to a central location has paid off big for the East Coast C-Store, who opened its 50th location in Florida this year.


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Game One of the NBA Finals never disappoints. Tensions are high, players are focused and fans get fired up more than they have been all season. While the Spurs pulled off the big win, an almost bigger story line was Lebron James’ cramping issues.

With “King James” sidelined, the Twitter universe set their sights on Gatorade, looking to hang Lebron’s hydration issues on the iconic sports drink. Fortunately, Gatorade was ready.

Eventually, Gatorade decided to play nice, apologized and deleted the tweets — but that doesn’t mean they didn’t make an impression. In the end, keeping an open ear pays off. It keeps you in the game and shows your audience that you care — and that’s why some brands live on, and others don’t.

Enjoy the Finals!


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Let’s play a little Family Feud … here we go!

Name places you expect to see men shopping. We got Convenience Stores, Hardware Stores, Electronics Stores, and …

Garden Centers? Surprising, we know. But it makes sense.

Fact is, traditional shopping roles in terms of gender are blurring. From groceries to gardening, guys are pushing more carts than ever before, and it’s a trend we marketers need to keep close tabs on if we aim to keep our brands fueled for success.

Whether it’s men shopping alone, shopping with their spouse or the whole family, men are finding themselves in shopping occasions and purchasing decisions their fathers weren’t accustomed to.

This shopping behavior bares new opportunity for retailers and brands alike, and should ignite a proactive approach. So who’s doing it right? This spring, it’s Home Depot.

Home Depot marketing to men? Well that’s a no-brainer. But this is different because they’re doing it in their detached Garden Centers. Traditionally, Home Depot Garden Centers pull a lot of foot traffic from women with gardening on their mind. But this spring, the HD Garden Center floor space isn’t all daisies and chrysanthemums.

This year, Home Depot moved their full line of grills from big box aisles to Garden Center showrooms, dedicating a premium section of their footprint to men with appetites for burgers, steaks and chops—not potting soil.

So why the move? Because Home Depot has been paying attention. They noticed more and more men in their Garden Centers and made a decision to do something about it. As marketers, we should take notes.

The key to unlocking our brand’s full potential is right under our noses in our respective target’s shopping behavior. When you’re out running errands, grabbing dinner or getting an oil change, pay attention. You might just find the lead you’ve been looking for.


Written by: Immediate Consumption