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7-Eleven is the world’s largest convenience store chain, in both the physical and the digital world. With over 51,000 Twitter followers, they have almost as many people reading their tweets as they have store locations.

And while they undoubtedly need to make a good impression in-store, their social media is of equal importance. Considering that 7-Eleven sells 2,300 fresh sandwiches every hour, 1 million cups of coffee every day, and 100 million hot dogs every year … Well, it looks like their strategy is working.

So why is 7-Eleven’s Twitter presence so strong? It seems they truly understand what consumers are looking for when they click the “Follow” button for a brand.

According to a 2013 Nielsen Twitter Consumer Survey, 55 percent of people who follow brands on Twitter do so simply because they like the brand. 7-Eleven understands that their followers can’t like only the 7-Eleven products, but also the distinct 7-Eleven personality.

This next tweet works because it shows that 7-Eleven is in touch with what their followers like — in this case, the recently popular “Hot Dogs or Legs” meme. Thirty-four percent of consumers follow brands because they tweet interesting/entertaining content. That 7-Eleven can incorporate popular culture with a reminder to buy a $1 hot dog is a plus.

Others — 27 percent — want to be able to engage with the brand and provide feedback, and replying in a way that aligns with the brand personality is essential.

An additional 38 percent want to participate in contests through Twitter, and 7-Eleven is great at using hashtags to generate some friendly competition.

And, of course, around half want to use Twitter to find out about special offers. Using social media to spread the news about promotions, bundle deals and freebies is a sure way to have followers pay attention.

Last, another large chunk — 51 percent – want to stay up-to-date with brand news. Making your account a must-follow means sharing information that’s valuable, and more important, exciting … such as surprise visits from NASCAR stars.



Written by Immediate Consumption

Much of today’s communication behavior exists through social medium platforms. With much of the communication aimlessly floating throughout the ether, the need to organize the conversation has become more and more relevant, thus the birth of the hashtag.

Today, hashtags are a simple way to pull conversations together. While their popularity has soared, so has the need for best practice. Here a few hashtag tips to help you better navigate the social chatter.


Hashtags are a great way to organize the conversation. But don’t just sit back and listen, take part and steer the conversation the direction you want it to go.

Make your tweets and posts count. Don’t hashtag just to hashtag. Define goals and communicate with purpose.

Find ways to grow your audience through a hashtag. Whether that is through incentive or relevant conversation, dedicating your brand to fueling the conversation can only strengthen brand loyalty and keep you top of mind.


Hashtagging just to hashtag is a complete waste of your time and threatens the integrity of future hashtags you might use. It’s okay to show humor, but remember your goal is to bring people together around your brand—that’s where your focus should be.

A good rule of thumb is your hashtag count should not go beyond one or two per tweet or post. Using more than that makes your message more about the hashtags, and less about what it is you’re really trying to say.

Hashtagging entire sentences might be funny or interesting to some, but it doesn’t help bring people together. Fact is, long hashtags are a novelty, and that doesn’t truly help build an audience or spark a conversation.

Written by Immediate Consumption